Zoe and Kaylee (the Stripe Sisters)

On a Sunday afternoon in May, 2004, my now-ex-husband arrived home from a hiking trip with Zoe and Kaylee in a shoebox. They’d been born in a barn in Monroe six weeks earlier, taken home from the barn by a young friend of ours, and her parents had decided the kittens would be better off with us.

They were so small that when he handed me the shoebox I thought it was empty!

March 18, 2014—Zoe on the couch:

Feb. 26, 2016—Zoe was sleeping under the desk with the printer.

March 10, 2018—Zoe at the computer:

March 12, 2018—Zoe on the back porch bench. Sunny and warm in Seattle:

Feb. 28, 2019—After 15 years of yelling, swatting, and shoving, I have finally found something that will get Zoe off my keyboard, mouse, and trackpad: It’s Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition.” A friend posted a link and as soon as the horns blasted the opening notes Zoe stood up, looking totally annoyed, and stalked off. (no photo)