The White Tornado

My then-husband found Sheba at a rescue storefront. They were eager to get rid of the beautiful white cat stalking the room and intimidating other cats. We soon found out why.

Feb. 28, 2015—The day started with Sheba nipping the neighbor who was helping me administer her sub-cutaneous fluids for her kidney issues. And then she purred. Don’t worry, the neighbor is getting the appropriate medical treatment and Sheba has had all her shots.

The last picture of Sheba

March 12, 2015—I spent last night on the living room sofa with Sheba and today we took her to the vet for her final shots. She went out like the big, tough gal that she is. What a beauty.

Sheba died the same day as our friend Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld novels. Thus this obit on Facebook: