Feline Formations

March 12, 2019—We are in the midst of a month-long annual commemoration of the reorganization of our cat herd that took place four years ago in March. Today is the anniversary of Perdita biting me when I tried to put her in a carrier to bring her home. Here is a current picture of Perdita (right), looking not particularly apologetic, with her friend Mr. Garibaldi.

Feb. 28, 2020—I have no idea what earned us this approbation:

March 1, 2020—Celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the day they arrived in Seattle, Tink and Tippy appreciate the formal tablecloth. Note Mr. Tippy “hanging 10.”

March 2, 2021—Perdita, Tippy, and Zoe share the chaise:

March 5, 2021—Tippy and Perdita in one of their weirder formations:

March 1, 2022—On the table celebrating the 7-year anniversary of their arrival (Tink and Tippy). Perdita caught up with them a week later:

March 5, 2022—Good cat news: Toby has found the sunny backyard bench I bought some years ago for Mr. Garibaldi.

Bad cat news: Perdita and Tinkerbell noticed Toby enjoying the bench and…now there’s no room for Toby.

Yes, I’m looking for another bench to add to The Sunny Spot in the back garden.